Transition Year

        Transition Year is a one year programe offered to students who have completed the Junior Certificate and is an optional year for students. It is a unique programme which is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior and Leaving Certificate programmes.
        Transition Year offers students the opportunity to mature and develop without the pressure of an examination. It encourages social development and recognises the need for students to grow in independence while at the same time maintaining tuition in all the core subjects.
        Subjects included in our programme are Irish, English, Maths, Science, I.T, P.E, Home Economics, Drama, Art, Music, Architecture, ICT, Mini Company, Photography, and Gaisce.
        Work experience is also an integral element of the course and various modules are studied throughout the year including First Aid, Self Defence, TEFL, and Positive Thinking. Many tours and day trips are also organised for the group during the TY year.