Student Council

The Student Council represents the students in the school and their role is to enhance the communication between students, management, staff and parents. They make a positive contribution to every aspect of the school community.
The elections of members for 2015/2016 academic year was held recently and the following students are now on the Students' Council:
First Year - Jonathan O'Sullivan, Matthew Cleary, Brian Higgins, Serena Platt, Stefan Holzner, James Dennis, Evan De Courcey-Tobin, Fionn Ó Scolaí
Second Year - Ciara McEvilly, Chloe Buckthorpe, Max Carey, Jade Ashe, Susan Smith, Evan Walsh, Alex Kennedy, Cian Redmond, Michael Hegarty, Gavin Shelley, Aidan Hilliard
Third Year - Dylan Deakan, Cian Lee, Thomas O'Dowd, Charlotte Platt, Tiernan Anderson Hilley, Dean Connell, Jamie Masterson
Transition Year - Mark Shelley, Conor Cooke, William Finnegan, Ethan Foley
Fifth Year - Gerard Murray, Adam Browne, John Higgins, Jack Cummins, Jake Rooney
Sixth Year - Ademar Silva, Adrew Cleary, Karen Cahill, William O'Sullivan
Chairperson:  Jake Rooney
Vice-Chairperson: Adam Browne
Secretaries: Cian Redmond, Alex Kennedy
Public Relation Officers:  John Higgins, Tiernan Anderson Hilley, Gavin Shelly, Chloe Buckthorpe, Ciara McEvilly, Aidan Hilliard